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A touch of style with Wandsworth escorts

Lots of gents are writing in to us here at the Better Sex Guide and ask us for advice whereabouts in London they can date stylish escorts. reading through their emails, I soon noticed that the majority of gents were from abroad and were clearly looking for girls to spend some time with when they visited London. Many of them seemed to enjoy dining out in the great restaurants that London has to offer, and for this reason I would like to suggest Wandsworth escorts. This agency has been in business for a long time, and provides some of the most stylish escorts in London.

All of my girls are classy girls, says Maggie who owns the agency. I have been providing escorts to fine gents for a very long time, she says. My girls are used to looking after executive gents, and business men. Often you will find that Wandsworth escorts are invited to join the company of gents at business conventions in London. There they will be expected to go to business dinners and speak to the clients of these gents. This is why it is so important that they are stylish all of the time, and know how to dress.

I put a lot of focus on training my girls the art of stylishness as I call it. Sometimes when I look at the websites of other agencies, I notice that the girls are not very stylish. They wear terrible lingerie, and some of the look rather a mess. All of my girls at Wandsworth escorts are encouraged to look after themselves. To be honest, this is something that I have come to expect from my girls and after a while it comes as second nature to them. The gents who use the agency know this and appreciate the effort that the girls make.

Wandsworth escorts have some very fine gents who like to visit my girls. I know that Kensington and Mayfair escorts like to date what they call the Arab Bad Boys. But, I don’t like that sort of thing. Yes, we do have Arab gents who appreciate the company of the girls at the agency, but you can hardly call them bad boys, says Maggie. I prefer gents who are more refined. The truth is that I know that these gents are going to be nice to the girls, and in many ways they will look after them. This is really important to me.

Our agency is a bit of niche market, but at the moment demand is outstripping availability. The truth is that many of the gents who like to use Wandsworth escorts agency, talk among themselves and very discreetly recommend us. I have never had to worry about promoting the agency very much. The girls are my best adverts. If they do their gob right, the gents will be coming back time and time again. I must admit this is a strategy that works well for me, and has given the agency a good name.

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