He was just a sneaky liar!

Since I have been working for London escorts, I have met some really nice men, and some men who have not been so nice. You can handle the guys who are not so nice once you know what they are all about, but it is more difficult to handle men who don’t tell you the truth. I am not that good at spotting a liar, and like all of the other girls here at charlotte London escorts, I do like to think the best of everybody. It is perhaps a bit of a bad habit, but I can’t help it when it all comes down to it.

I have a lot of regular at London escorts, and one of my regulars who started to come around last year, a guy called Mike, soon turned out to be one of my favorites. At first he seemed to be one of the nicest guys that I had met at London escorts, and I could not believe my luck. Mike spoiled me like mad, and was always buying me all sorts of presents and gifts. He picked up on the fact that I loved handbags, and in a short of period of time, he had bought me about three designer handbags. He was the most generous guy that I have ever met during my London escorts career, and I guess that in many ways, he was a little bit too good to be true. I will admit the other girls at London escorts raised an eyebrow or two when I started to talk about him. Not only was Mike very generous with his gifts. At the same time he just loved to tell me about all of the things he wanted us to do together. After a couple of months of dating, I was sure that this man was the real deal.

However, what I did not know was that Mike was one of these guys who got a real kick out of creating a fantasy lifestyle. He had pots of money, and it was clear that he did not hesitate to spend money on his love interest at the time. I did not know, but Mike was in love with love, and it was his habit to go around various London escorts services, and pick up up London escorts, and declare his undying love for them. Six months after our relationship had started, Mike broke my heart. He told me that he had met this other girl at another London escorts, and wanted to spend time with her. Before I knew it, Mike had disappeared from my life. It seemed I was not any longer part of his little fantasy world. Was I disappointed? I was very disappointed, and I could not believe Mike had basically lied to me all of this time. Well, Mike may not have called it lying, but I certainly did. However, I do still think that I came out as a bit of winner. All of the presents and gifts Mike had given me netted a tidy sum when I sold them a few months later.