Is she my perfect match

I have met this really hot girl at London escorts and I am convinced that she is my perfect match. Ever since my divorce I have been looking for a really hot girl to call my own, and I have now finally found the girl. Her name is Trudie, and I think that she is one of the sexiest ladies that I have ever met. Not only does she have the longest legs ever, but there is a lot more to her. The first time we spent some personal time together, I knew that she would be a dream date.

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Ever since that day, I have been calling London escorts on a regular basis. The girls on the front desk at London escorts know that I would only like to date Trudie. When I am away from Trudie, I cannot stop thinking about her prefect breast and cute nipples. It is a little bit like dreaming about a porn star. Like so many other guys, I would love to date a porn star, but Trudie is good enough for me.

Yes, there are other attractive ladies at London escorts. But when I stop and think about it for a minute, they are nothing like my Trudie. I keep thinking about her long blond hair and the way it falls down her back. Not only that, but I also like to think about her toes. She has these really sexy long toes that she likes to play with. I really turns me on and I think that she is the best little toe player that I have ever met. As a matter of fact, her foot fetish is just as bad as mine.

But a foot fetish is not the only think this hot babe from London escorts is into. I know that when she is not too booked up at the agency, she goes to a lot of swingers parties. She has never told me where she goes, but I would love to go with her. The thought of seeing her with another man really turns me on and I would like to see that. At first I thought that I wanted to see her on a duo date, but now I know that it something else that I am after…

Also, Trudie likes to do many of the same things that I like to do. Most of the girls that I have met at London escorts are not so broad minded as Trudie. She is the first girl that I have met who likes pornos as much as I do. When we first started to date, I was not sure that I should tell her about my porn habit. Now I am glad that I did. She has the most interesting porn library and we are slowly working our way through it. After that, we plan to start on my porn library. One hour dates are no good with this girl. Only all night experiences will do and she always seem to be able to fit me in at least once a week. That is what I really like about Trudie – she makes time for me.

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