Keeping Web Girls Very safe

When I am not at London escorts, I have this little part-time gig as a web cam girl. It does not make me a lot of money, but I certainly get a kick out of it. None of the men that I date when I am on duty with London escorts know that I have my own sexy site. Instead I have focused on building up a totally different clientele than the one I have at London escorts. Since I have been working online, I have learned how important it is to stay safe and keep on top of cyber security.

London Escorts On Cyber Security

There are many men out there who would like to have some sort of personal relationship with their favorite London escorts or web cam girl. I can totally understand that, and it is one of the reasons why I keep my two careers apart. When I am dating on behalf of London escorts, I focus on that and the other way around if you know what I mean. I love giving out advice to other London escorts who would like to set themselves up as web cam girls. Staying safe can be trickier than you think.

Top Safety Tips For London Escorts And Web Cam Girls

One of the first things you should do, is making sure you never use your real name online. Just like when I work for London escorts, I use an artistic name when I work as a cam girl. I call myself Helga and even try to speak with a bit of a foreign accent. Of course, you should not try to come across as too fake, but staying safe is essential. You don’t want to walk down Kensington High Street and be recognised as a web cam girl. I have set up a string of social media accounts using the name Helga to promote my web cam girl service and it seems to work.

Change Your Look

One of the things that are essential to do when you want to have both a successful web cam girl career and London escorts career, is to make sure you change your looks. When I work for London escorts, I try to come across as sophisticated as possible. Men like to date posh London escorts and you also attract the right clientele when you are a bit posh. But, when I work online, I am a right slut. I have numerous colored wigs that I like to wear. You may find me in a pink or purple wig online. That ensures I am not recognised.

Can you promote cam girl services online? It is tough to promote London escorts online, but that does not mean you can’t do so. Promoting cam girl services is easier. I have a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account. You should not publish any explicit content but you can, for instance, publish relationship advice and pics. I do well and many men seem to like to read relationship advice from a sexy web cam girl. Little do they know till they visit here that I am one of the top escorts in London.