London escorts on Abortion



Abortion is a really difficult subject to talk about, but it was recently forced into my life. One of my former London escorts colleagues was forced to have an abortion after the doctors realized something was seriously wrong with the baby. It was a late baby, and it was horrible news for her and her husband to receive. She was three months pregnant when the problem was discovered, and it broke both their hearts. Of course all her former London escorts of rallied around, and we gave her all the support we could, but nothing could replace baby. First of all, we thought that she was coping okay and wanted to try for another baby, but her husband explained that she would just go to be and cry. I would probably just want to do the same thing myself, and all of us London escorts decided that we would try to reach out to her. We realized that she was hurting, but she started to lash out at us. At first it was difficult to understand why, but we soon realized that it was become some of us London escorts had children and she did not have any. She must have felt terrible seeing us with our kids.


She also started to say that her body heart all the time. Every joint in her body ached, and she was experiencing headaches on a gigantic scale. A couple of us London escorts went with her to the doctor, and he said that the abortion had caused huge hormonal imbalances and this is why this was happening. He said he could help her by putting her on the Pill but at that stage she did not even want to have sex with her husband. She was sore everywhere, and all of us London escorts girls realized our friend was very ill indeed and needed help. However, her doctor was not helping at all. This went on for a couple of weeks until things became desperate. She did not even want to get out of bed, and we could see that our former London escorts colleague was just wasting away. We tried to cheer her up, but nothing helped at all. During this time all of the London escorts had sworn a pact, and decided not to talk about our children. We did not intentionally want to make our friend feel bad, and we tried everything from massage therapy to regular spa sessions.


Desperate times calls for desperate measures and in the end we forced our friend out of the house, and bundled her up in a car. She was grieving and it was killing her, so action was needed. We drove her to Harley Street where we had made an appointment with a leading homeopath. If conventional medicine could not help our friend, perhaps the alternative version could. The lady doctor who saw us all was brilliant, and in the end she prescribed a personalized remedy. Our friend had to take it the next morning before breakfast. We are not sure what happened next but it was like our friend came to us within a matter of hours. She said she took the remedy, and all her problems ebbed away. Now, she is our regular London escorts friend and is even trying for another baby again. London escorts and homeopathy to the rescue!