The Beautiful Benefits Of Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a metal that combines the aesthetics of the precious metal silver with the strength and permanence of a variety of lesser metals. Sterling silver is used for many practical functions such as cookware and cutlery. This metal alloy can also be used in jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Many people don’t realize that sterling silver’s strength and durability actually make it a better choice than softer metals such as gold and regular silver. In order to reinforce the silver for molding and daily wear, the soft and malleable silver is combined with a stronger metal like copper, platinum, or zinc. Recent trends have made accessories made with sterling silver more popular among the public and manufacturers alike.

Sterling silver is used in all types of jewelry, especially in men’s pieces. More and more men are opting to have sterling silver wedding bands over the traditional gold. This trend is in part due to the versatility of silver pieces and the affordability of most sterling silver products. Jewelry made of sterling silver is tough and durable which makes it the ideal choice for men that are constantly working with their hands such as craftsmen, construction workers, factory workers, and ranchers. The classic, simple, and stylish look of the sterling silver makes it very appealing to male consumers for accessories like watches and jewelry. Having been used for centuries, sterling silver has a timeless look that makes it an excellent choice for meaningful jewelry pieces such as an engagement or wedding ring.

One of the benefits of choosing sterling silver over other metals for your jewelry is that the strength of the combined metal makes your jewelry pieces less susceptible to damage. This means you can avoid repair or replacement costs that often occur with gold and fine silver jewelry due to broken chains, broken brackets, or damaged posts. Damage of this sort can cause the precious stones adorning the jewelry to fall out, get chipped, or severely scratched. Sterling silver pieces also are able to be worn for long periods of time without the user having to worry about developing an allergy rash like with many other pieces that reinforce the soft metals in their pieces with nickel. Along with these benefits is the general affordability of sterling silver which allows those with less means to still be able to have beautiful jewelry. The several different benefits of choosing sterling silver over more traditional alternatives make it a prime choice for any piece of jewelry.