What Does She Do For a Living?

I think that my new girlfriend is the best thing since sliced bread, but I can’t figure out what she does for a living. She is one of these women who like to play her cards close to her chest, and I am not sure that she is actually who she says she is. So far she has not told me a lot about herself. All she has really said is that she works in a club in London but I can’t come in as it is a private members club only. It sounds a bit strange, and one of my mates has suggested she works for a London escorts agency.

Sure, she is very pretty and the fact that she is Polish does point to the fact that she may work as an escort. I am not sure why, but many foreign girls who settle in London seem to work as London escorts. Looking at her lifestyle, and her flat, I would say that she is a rather savvy girl. After all, she has already bought her own flat. That is something that I have not achieved. Working for London escorts is said to bring in rather a lot of money.

It is not only her flat that makes me suspicious of what she does for a living. But she also has the nicest clothes that I have ever seen a girl wear. Not only that, but when you look at her jewelry you can tell that it is no cheap at all. As my mate said, it could be yet another indication that she works for a London escorts agency. All of this is making me feel a little bit wary of her. What is she does actually work for a London escorts agency and is not planning on telling me?

I have heard that London escorts are pretty savvy and often hide what they do. If I was a woman and worked for a London escorts agency, I think that I would be very reluctant to tell anyone. After all, working for a London escorts agency is not your average job and you may want to play your cards a little bit close to your chest. I do worry about it as I don’t end up being known as the guy who dates London escorts.

Do I worry too much? I must admit that I do worry and I should perhaps ask her. What to do I do if she tells me that she does work for a London escorts agency? I am not sure how I will handle the situation. The truth is that she is a really nice girl and I do get on with her very well. It would be a shame if something so silly as what she really does for a living came in between us. Would it matter if she does work for a London escorts service? I really don’t think that it would, but London escorts do have a certain stigma attached to them.

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