what is in your hand bag

I will admit that my hand bag is not really a hand bag at all. It looks more like a great big sack and I seem to carry everything in there. I am out from the house during such long hours every day and I need my stuff with me. Not only do I carry my wallet in my handbag but I have tons of other stuff as well. The girls at www.cityofeve.com London escorts service that I work for, also carry great big bags. Perhaps it is a bit of professional hazard when you work for an escort service.

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The other day I got it into my head that I should empty my handbag. To be honest I was not really sure what I had in there. Recently it has started to feel so heavy and I am pretty sure that I have a load of stuff in my hand bag that can come out. To my surprise, when I started going through my hand bag I found ten lips ticks. The silly thing is that I am always rushing out to buy lipsticks and they do cost a pretty penny, but I do love my lipsticks. Needless to say I need them for London escorts.

You are not going to believe this, but I actually found two small books in bag. I love to read and when I have a break at London escorts, I do like to pick up a book and read. The problem was that I did not know that I had my books in my bag. I seemed to have forgotten that I had put them in there. As a matter of fact, they were rather good and I have enjoyed reading them at home instead. It is amazing what you can find in your handbag, but I never knew that I had so much stuff in my handbag.

Perfume was another thing that I found in the bottom of my handbag. They were not the big bottles. Instead they were all of the small sample bottles that you get when you buy a new perfume. Counting the bottles, I must have found at least 30 mini bottles in my bag. I suppose I could have shared them out with my friends at London escorts, but the truth is that perfume always comes in handy. After all, it is not very cheap to buy and I do go through a lot of perfume.

I also found old shopping lists and many other things as well. It is amazing what you put in your handbag. I suppose I should get into the habit of not taking stuff out but I always seem to forget to do that. The bag is so big that stuff gets lost in there. I even found some of those environmentally bags that you need to use everywhere these days. Yesterday when I went into London escorts, my bag felt a lot lighter and I as glad that I had managed to clear it out. At least I found my lost car keys. They were well hidden in the bottom of the bag, and now I feel so much better. I actually thought I had gone made when I lost my car keys.

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